Wednesday, April 3, 2013

THE BRIDES OF HOPPEL - Jan Wouter van Reijen

Came accross this oddity in the same issue of CINEMA X as the previous post about Christina Lindberg, and was almost willing to believe that this film didn't exist, or was never finished, but after a bit of searching, it does seem to. Not much info about the director, other than apparently four of his films were screened this year at the Rotterdam film Festival, and that he has also made a film with the wonderfully enticing title "Sponaneous combustion of granulated chickenshit". ( from ). Anyone seen this?
Anyway, here's the article. I swear that guy standing on the ice with the white coffin looks like Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange).

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Article on the lovely Christina Lindberg about the film "Maid in Sweden" from CINEMA X Vol.3 No.11

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Annelies van Mol

This amazing artist was at our show in Antwerp a few years back, and after sitting there most of the night drinking and drawing she handed me this and insisted I keep it, not that I needed persuading... Super incredible twisted work! You can see more here:

Live in de Living VOL III 8 March 2006(?)

Killer shows in Oli's place in Tienen, Belgium.

Rambo Harmonica

Yes, really.

Clean in two

I hesitated to post this for ages, dunno why. Note the fact thet the f**kin radiology students were messin' around with my name. I guess if I ever get a sexchange I'll be doing "Switched-on Bolos".
Anyway it doesn't look like that now, that was a year ago, and it's pretty much fixed.

First drawing of 2013

Future Terror

Flyer for an outdoor rave party in Japan 1999 by the amazing as usual Naohiro Ukawa (probably more on him later)